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emo Divinity 2: Building Character

3 years 1 week ago #20509

I didn't want to bloat the party planning thread, so I decided to throw this up as a separate conversation. I thought it would be helpful to lay out how we are thinking of building our characters so we can better complement our parties. So, to start us off, here is what I am thinking for my Sebille Shadowblade:

This will be my main focus, and I want to learn the majority of the skills. Which I will not list here, because it's a lot. :P

This is going to be my secondary, for some sweet debuff utility (Infect, Shackles of Pain), Blood Rain (to combo with Leech), and possibly a res.

This will be my tertiary, as it offers Attribute points with every point spent in the skill. There aren't many abilities I want from the tree, though.

Additionally, I want to aim for 1 (maybe 2) points each in Hydrosphist and Geomancer, for synergies in the Necro and Scoundrel trees. Specifically, I am looking to get Blood Rain, Vampiric Hunger, Corrosive Touch (this is single-target and does not require a SP like the AoE version), and Venom Coating.

Lucky Charm (?)

Pet Pal (have)
Bigger & Better (have)
All Skilled Up
Parry Master
The Pawn
Morning Person (?)

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3 years 1 week ago #20510

I'm gonna pick a few things as I go, but I have a general guideline as to how my Fahrenheit the Enchanted will be handled.

Primary Tree: Hydrosophist

Because heals, yo. Aside from healing, hydro gets some good buffs and some okay damage spells. The main goal is to keep everyone alive.

Secondary Tree: Summoner

Mages have a fair amount of downtime with most of their spells having sizeable cooldowns. When not healing, I'll conjure up totems and pets to help with supporting the group. They get lots of benefits depending on the elemental fields they're summoned in.

Lesser Talents

Geomancy (For Self Heal)
Pyromancy (Surface Creation)
Theivery (So i can put my bone in things)
Face Ripping

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3 years 1 week ago #20511

I feel bad because I'm semi-clueless...

Obviously I have necro/warfare. I want to pick up hydro for Raining Blood. Any other possible ideas? I need some more threat-generating stuff if thats possible...taunts and the like, and definitely things to boost my tankiness. I'll look into everything and get a better idea.

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3 years 1 week ago #20512

Go here . See what strikes your fancy. That's what I did. The talents section isn't complete, but the skills looked like they were all there.

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3 years 1 week ago #20513

Something to keep in mind in Divinity: No man is an island and while covering your own bases is definitely important, you should also keep in mind that setup for combos is easier to spread across multiple characters. So if there's something you need, of course let your party know.

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