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emo Triple Leve Crafting

  • level50nerd
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5 years 1 month ago #1305

I mentioned the triple leves for crafting in TeamSpeak earlier today and didn't realize it was more common knowledge.

Basically, once you hit level 20 as a crafter you can start to get leves that allow you to do three turn-ins for just one allowance. Most of them request you to make three of an item, but you end up turning in nine of them (three items on each of three turn-ins). These aren't as efficient as far as exp per item made, but the exp per leve allowance is ridiculously good.

This is the website I use to track what leves to do: Crafting As A Service

I then look at this site to determine how much exp I need to get to the next tier of leves: Gamer Escape

So, to get from 40 to 45 as a Carpenter it takes 1,785,500 exp. The level 40 leves award 32,049. However, if you turn in all HQ items that it tripled to 96,147 exp. This actually ends up being 288,441 exp per leve turn-in due to you getting to turn the items in three times. When you take making all of the items you end up only needing to use five or six leves to get from 40 to 45.

Additionally, I HIGHLY recommend if you're planning to level up more than one crafting class (and probably even then) that you level up Culinarian to 37 before anything else. The two cross class abilities this provides (Hasty Touch & Steady Hands II) will make all of your crafting go tons smoother.

Hope this helps out!

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5 years 1 month ago #1307

Completely makes sense Eddie, and thanks for sharing all this.

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5 years 1 month ago #1315

Awesome info Eddie. My culinarian was going to be my next one to level anyways, but this just solidifies the deal. Nice post =)

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5 years 1 month ago #1322

Here is a great resource with all of the triple turn in leves with locations and XP gained. I basically did nothing but these on Carpenter from level 35 up.

Triple Turn-in Leves

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