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emo Tangwen's Furnishing Wishlist

4 years 2 months ago #8297

I know some/a lot of these are probably pretty difficult to make, so I don't know how realistic they are, but I'd love to get:

1 Carbuncle Wardrobe
4 Belah'dian Crystal Lantern
2 Sylphic Flower Vase
1 Carbuncle Round Table
2 Manor Flower Stand
1 Carbuncle Lamp (or Glade Lantern)

Anything that you awesome crafterly types would be willing to make would be amazing. And please let me know what you need from me/what I can help obtain for anything you want to whip up. :)

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4 years 1 month ago #8458

carbuncle stuff will be the real hard ones to make, if you can get your hands on the Rubies needed then that simplifies things. Atm i dont think me or carl can make the carpenter carbuncle stuff since its 3 star but my weaver can so thats a plus. Which unfortunately is only the round table. Given some time and patience eventually me and carl will get our carpenters up to snuff for 3 star stuff which opens up the ability to make the Carbuncle wardrobe and desk.

┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)
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