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emo Most Memorable MMO Experience

2 years 11 months ago #17205

Hi all,

I wanted to start up a thread so that everyone may share what their most memorable MMO experience may be. This can be any game, not just FF14. I know some people had shared it in their initial applications to 404 but we haven't all seen those apps so it could be nice to read what others have encountered.

My own experience is actually kind of funny.

My clan in Anarchy Online, Valor Eternal, was hosting a social event with the local radio streaming organization Gridstream Productions. It was quite popular as everyone had heard of our events so it was quite packed. Well, that night we apparently had some special guests. Several GMs were in attendance, ARKs (think of them volunteer GMs) and we even had a developer stop by.....it was actually the then game Director Znore so it was quite an honor.

Anyway, my main character in AO was a Doctor so that's what I was attending the event as. Well, I decided at that time to target Znore and shoot off a heal on him. Well, something unexpected happened...he died. I just kinda sat there in dumb shock before I just burst out laughing. Not only had I killed a GM but I killed the game director at that LOL. I used to have a screen shot of it but I think I've long lost it.

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2 years 11 months ago #17210

I have a lot of really memorable experiences, both good and bad, especially from World of Warcraft, but not exclusively. Some of my strongest ones:

Ragnarok Online: Memorable because of fear. So RO was my first ever MMO. I played for sometime solo before I finally met some nice people in a guild and joined them. They seemed really nice. So mind you, i was about 21 at the time and ridiculously shy and the idea of ventrilo terrified me. I nonetheless joined without a mic, and had no headset so they came over the speakers with all my other sound. It was nice. They were nice. And then I joined them for a PVP event in that game. And they were horrifying. Screaming and swearing and barking orders, it scared the bajeezus out of timid little me and I quit the guild shortly after. I couldn't handle confrontation back then and it was terrifying.

WoW: During vanilla, there was an area of the game that was off limits but had a small section you could wall jump to get through (WoW geeks know this area as Mount Hyjal). A friend and I decided one day we were going to sneak in and explore it. And so we did. We spent about an hour there taking screenshots together before we disrobed and leapt off the highest peak. It was great.

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2 years 11 months ago #17214

The Mount Hyjal out of bounds exploration was a lot of fun.

Perhaps my favorite are the player run events just for fun. My favorite I just happened to find in City of Heroes on my Server during Christmas. Someone made a Santa Character and a bunch of elves. I waited in line for about 30 minutes (this line got HUGE btw) and then talked to one of the elves, and offered to help. They were very receptive and I helped out the next few days. They gave out ingame items and a lot of holiday cheer, and we ended up using the Space Inbetween to get around a lot. It was a great time, and began my willingness to do player run events.

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2 years 11 months ago #17223

Most of my great gaming stories come from LARPing.

My favorite MMO moment was our EQ marriage. My high elf, Jinya, married Pete's half elf Devaberiel. We weren't together IRL at that point, but he was my best friend. Half the reason I played was to spend time with him.

The characters eloped, due to Jinya's IG father's disapproval of the relationship. (IG, he thought Jinya was too young, and Devaberiel wasn't dependable.) We were married by the guy who'd introduced us. At the end of the ceremony, when Jinya took Devaberiel's surname, I called it the "coup d'etat" instead of the "coup de gras."

Eh, love is a battlefield.

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