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emo Upcoming Server Migration

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2 years 8 months ago #20458

Hey folks!

Just a heads up that our hosting company will be doing a server migration starting Monday 7/17. we should not see any issues during the process, but there is always a chance we may lose a new post or two. If you see anything go on, please let me know ASAP. Here is the email from StableHost:

This is an announcement of a server migration happening on the server you are hosted on. We do server migrations for several reasons but mostly to refresh old hardware we might be running on. As you know, hardware only has a certain shelf life and after the shelf life, it has a higher chance of dying. Newer technology comes out constantly so we always like to stay up on the latest technology and make sure we are running the fastest hardware we can for our clients. As part of this migration, we are moving you over to our StableHost clusters platform! You can learn more about StableHost clusters at billing.stablehost.com/knowledgebase/223...bleHost-Cluster.html

With that said, we are planning on starting the server migration on: Monday, 07/17/17

Here are some important notes about server migrations:

- Server migrations can take anywhere from a couple hours to 5 days, depending on how many accounts are on the server and how big the accounts are.
- During the migration, your website and email will be online and operating normally.
- If you use our nameservers (ns1.stablehost.com/ns2.stablehost.com), we will automatically update your IP and point it at the new server as soon as your website has been transferred.
- If you don't use our nameservers, we will send out an email once the migration has been completed with the new IP and give you atleast 48 hours to update your DNS.
- We ask that you don't make major changes if possible while the server migration is taking place. It's possible that your site may have already been migrated over and you are making changes to the old server, which would get lost once the server goes offline.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, as always, we appreciate your business.

- SH Team

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2 years 8 months ago #20459

Thanks for sharing this, Cori. You da bessss.

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