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emo Hey, where did you get that name?

4 years 8 months ago #4170

There's usually a story behind every name and username, what's yours?

My name's Fernando, it means "Adventurer" and I try to live up to it.

In high school my nickname was "Nex" which is the name I used in Quake III and Unreal Tournament, it means "Violent Death" in latin; I was super douchy rocker kid.

I got Vander from LOTRO, I wanted to come up with a name that was lore/RP friendly so I chose "Vanderhelm" (Vander from the last part of Mr. Ollivander's name, the wand maker in the Harry Potter books, and Helm because I was from Rohan)

Ironshield was inspired by Gabe's character Jim "Darkmagic" and Kurtz's character Binwin "Bronzebottom", I love the sillyness of having your last name related to your race/class so that's what I do now. Ironshield for my tanks, Firestorm or Fireshield for my mages, Ironfists for monks, so on and so forth :)

What's your story?

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4 years 8 months ago #4171

I looked at a Map, literally. When I started playing EQ I had the hardest time coming up with names (Still do, sorry to my DnD group), and Town names seem to fit with Fantasy Characters for some reason. Well in Louisiana there's a decently sized city called Houma, and it sounded good so I went with that. Little did I know that nearly 100 people ACTUALLY FROM HOUMA played on the same sever as me. I would get 2-3 tells a day from someone new, and at some point it was a game for the people in an Internet Cafe in Houma to hunt me down and wave at me. I usually gave them something from my inventory for their trouble.

Originally his last name was Enabeltsirb, which is Bristlebane backwards. In EQ Bristlebane was the God of Tricksters so it made sense to me.
I didn't have a Last name in City of Heroes or WoW, and the one here is pretty terrible, should have done it Rebornflame, but whatever.

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4 years 8 months ago #4173

When I started LOTRO I needed a name... I never had any nicknames really so I had to make something up. I wanted Iseult, who was a pretty badass priestess type character in a Bernard Cornwell book that I read, but the name was already taken. The naming conventions for the Rohirim stated that -wyn, so I went with Iseultwyn. It is admittedly long and hard to pronounce so guildies started calling me Issy and it stuck. I have had other variations and different surnames over different games now, but I try to stick with something that could still easily be shortened to Issy:

Iseultwyn Swordsong was a Rohirim Champion in LOTRO
Izevel Dandrenor was a Human Guardian in GW2. Izevel is the Hebrew spelling of Isabelle, and Dandrenor means "Grail Heroine" in celtic. It was the name of one of Percival's sister in Aurthurian Legend. I like to use this name if "Issy" is not available.
Izevel was a human slayer in Tera

I chose to use the surname Dawnbringer for my Guardian in Neverwinter. I wanted something that sounded noble for her.
I liked it so much I stuck with it for FFXIV.

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  • Broenwyrn
  • Broenwyrn's Avatar
4 years 8 months ago #4174

In WoW I came up with Arturio (just random name I made up) and most of my characters followed some sort of Art- convention because everyone called me Art so it was easy to remember while on alts.

I tried that with my FF character and it kept getting rejected So I did random name generator and it came up with Broenwyrn Hylkstein and since I was going melee at that point, it was an awesome name. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a scholar, but I still love the name.

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4 years 8 months ago #4175

Well I wanted to come up with a name for a Sylvari in GW2. They were plant people and a lot of them had plants in their name so I decided to go with Ione Nightshade... Combination of two plants and since I was going to play a thief, the Nightshade part sounded cool to me. When the game came around I decided that I actually didnt like the Sylvari much at all and rolled a human instead but kept the Ione Nightshade name.

When it came time to start this community here though I wanted to use a different username than I had had before. Something a bit softer and not so much like a 16 year old made it as my last one sounded... So I started looking around and found that the nightshade plant falls under the Solanales family... Seeing as its a word I had never heard... and it was kind of fun to say, I decided to use it. =D

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4 years 8 months ago #4176

Long, convulated story:
First, when I played WoW, I saw someone play a priest called "Myracle". A bit of a pun, and probably cliche, but I liked it, and so I stole it for when I play female characters.

Move next to Tera, Myracle was taken, so I did random until I saw something I like. I'm not exactly sure what came up, but I like the phonetics of it a bit, so I changed it bit by bit until I came up with "Saruia" (human female...twin-sword-person?). Played that for a bit.

Now at FFXIV: Wanted to roll a cat-person, decided I wanted to follow the naming conventions for races, and just ended up mixing the two names together. Chose to cut off a bit from each so that each side would have an even number of syllables, and it sounds better phonetically to me. And that's how I chose M'yra Saru. So far, I've gotten two compliments on it, but I'm not exactly sure for what.


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4 years 8 months ago #4177

My story is rather simple compared to others here lol. My one and only MMO before this was FFXI and I used the random generator until I saw Garan come up, and loved the name. Like seriously if I thought my wife would even entertain the idea I would have suggested to name one of my boys Garan.

Then along came FFXIV and I wanted to make a name appropriate for wildwood elezen and you're supposed to have something fancy sounding for their last names, so I made up Lamonte!

My other nickname for the forums is rjwwrx, which is my initials followed by my favorite car, the subaru wrx.

That's my story...

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  • 's Avatar
4 years 8 months ago #4178

Almost all of my MMO experiences have been on RP servers with conventional lore-abiding names, so they've been different as to match whatever race I was playing. Behemoth isn't an RP server of any sort though (to my knowledge), and there isn't a name change to go with the fantasia potion's race swap, so I wanted something a little more freeing since I'm probably going to change a few times when it eventually becomes a service.

With that in mind, I wanted something related to the series, so I picked the only two word item/spell/thing I could remember wasn't too odd sounding.

I kind of like Phoenix. Will probably use it in some form for when guild members play Wildstar/other games.

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4 years 8 months ago #4179

Fahren was a brand new endeavor. In WoW, I played as a blood elf mage most of the time, and when that character was created, I'd made the decision previously that all of my horde characters would be beauty products spelled in reverse (First there was my rogue Renifer Erop, then my hunter Maercecaf), so a blood elf named Hairgel spelled backwards seemed prudent. That character name lived with me through all of WoW, and all of the flops of MMOs I tried afterwards as my "designated mage name."

When FFXIV rolled around, i spent a lot of time deliberating on a new name. I loved Legriah (or Leggypoo as people came to call him), but FFXIV was a new start so I needed a new name. I'd wanted something mildly to moderately French sounding, in a similar vein to my favorite videogame antagonist, Sydney Losstarot, but didn't want to use his name directly. Eventually settled on the last name of Desalier, and decided it meshed well with the name Fahrenheit, after the middle name of another favorite fictional character, Adrien Fahrenheits Tepes (Alucard).

Bonus round: My own nickname from college friends is JayMike, It started when a cafeteria worker mistook me for a kid named Mike after I started wearing Hawaiian shirts (which this kid mike apparently wore). As a joke one year, i finally introduced myself saying "you can call me Jay, or you can call me Mike." They all called me JayMike.

It was great.

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4 years 8 months ago #4192

I love hearing where all these names came from haha. Some have some pretty interesting origins. NEED MOAR

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4 years 8 months ago #4202

I agree, I'm really enjoying these more than I thought I would! :)

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  • DaveyJoe
  • DaveyJoe's Avatar
4 years 8 months ago #4211

My name goes back to 2003/2004 when WoW came out. I made a night elf druid, and because the male NELFS looked awful, I decided to make a female character, despite the fact that I am, indeed, a man. This practice was actually scandalous back in the early 2000s but I figured that haters gonna hate and went ahead. This started a dangerous trend and most of my MMO toons tended to be female, with some rare exceptions, I learned that it's more fun gearing up a cute character! Anyway, I wanted something slightly androgynous that would fit my female character, but not make me, a man, seem too effeminate. So I went with Twizzler, which was one of the few candies I actually enjoyed. A lot of people seemed to like that name, and people who I played with for years, call me Twizz to this day. These are people I've met and hung out with in real life, they know damn well what my real name is, but they like calling me Twizz!

Well FFXIV requires two names so I came up with Dewdrop in similar fashion. It's a name that skirts the line, fairly cute but not overwhelmingly effeminate for a dude behind the keyboard to identify with. Overall, I quite like the name!

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4 years 8 months ago #4220

So, my forum name, blueyedsoul has been my online moniker for the past decade or so. The obvious part of this is my eye color. It's a bit of an understatement to tell you my eyes are blue; they're kind of ridiculously blue, and they're my most commented on feature. Beyond that, I was heavily into studying music as a kid (my first bout with college was as a jazz studies major) and Blue-eyed Soul is a genre term that refers to white artists co-opting a traditionally black style of music. I played a little with the spelling to make it unique on most sites, and it's just kind of stuck.

My character's name I created to fit with the lore guidelines for Keepers of the Moon. Back in Final Fantasy XI, I played a Mithra (catgirl) named Tamarix. Since the Keepers are a matriarchal society and male names are based on the name of their mother, I thought it would be cool to include a nod to that character. However, Tamarix'tan was kind of long and didn't have the flow I wanted, so I shortened it to Trix'tan. Zhwan was just one of the stock surnames that came up in the name generator that I liked.

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4 years 8 months ago #4226

Valon Haight actually is a variation from an old D&D character I created back in '92 called Vanguard Haight. Vanguard is usually taken on MMOs, and I actually like Valon better (Valon=Valorous). Haight is an offshoot of haughty, since the character I created was essentially a stuck-up Human Paladin who was entirely entitled and didn't understand nor care about the plight of those who weren't raised by large, rich families.

I have quite a few other names, and while I generally have a hard time coming up with names in general, I've come up with quite a few neat names over the years.

Except for Baulmane. That was just bad. I wish I could have changed my DAoC character name back in the day...

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4 years 8 months ago #4234

So this may be long winded but there are multiple parts to the madness that brought on my Final Fantasy characters name. Though I explained the bases of it during the introduction thread here I can share the short story of where everything comes from, with out boring the hell out of you hopefully. So sit down and stay awhile.

The nickname "Fate" is actually a gamer tag decided to use for awhile when I played Counter Strike at my community college which had old machines setup specifically for just this point. (CS, Starcraft, Warcraft 3/DotA, etc). So the first uses of this nickname was actually spelled Fayt which is a direct rip off from one of my favorite characters from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time...which I was playing the hell out of at the time. Anyways from those gaming times the nickname ended up just simply sticking with these group of gamers and still generally does with them so I more or less roll with it. So from many games my tag would be either Fate if it was available or some silly iteration like "Fatimous" (A silly combination of the nickname and transformers reference).

So in order to tell the tale of the second part of the first name of my character I shall share with you the silly and I'm sure insane tale of how my cat got his name, sadly yes this matters to the characters name and design for Final Fantasy. (I know I can be bat shit crazy). So when I got my little fuzz ball now nearly two and a half years ago for a week I scratched my head on what to name him, my room mate had ideas and I had my own and frankly none of them really felt right...hell I almost thought of calling him Einstein...glad I didn't use that one. So one boring day during Chemistry I looked up names and meanings to see if anything felt right to me for him a few looked okay but didnt sound right. Till one just popped into my head and looked it up to see what its meaning was...Uriel...the flame of god, or gods light...etc. I found out that yes this was an Archangels name and at the time I was reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books and I was at the part where the main character was dealing with a fallen angel Laciel...so Uriel was sticking in my head for hours till I got home. Now this is where I was sold on his name and believe he pretty much owns the damn thing. That day my kitten was sick with a kitten cold and it looked terrible he had it a few days before and thought he was better till that day where he looked just dreadful, to a point that if he didn't get better I would have rushed him to an emergency vet down the street. Now a lot of things went through my mind, "holy shit what if he dies of this illness", "why did he get worse", and yes "what would my mother say to me if he doesnt get better". So to say the least I was terribly worried, so for his dinner I gave him some antibiotics my mother gave me to help him get better...which was for her older cat mind you, not for a kitten. (only gave him a quarter of a doze tho) So when I fed my cat I did the one thing I have rarely done in my life, pray. I prayed actually to the Archangel, Uriel, to bless my cat with his name, if it was okay I do so, and if he could watch over my cat and keep him healthy. Mind you Im not religious, i believe in god but thats about it. Well next morning I woke up and little Uri looked as if he never was sick at all...like hes been healthy for weeks and nothing ever ailed him (though it was pretty much the antibiotics really). So i took that as the sign that he is blessed with the name...though my room mate still called him Taco from time to time.

So I apologize the cat name was really really long winded. You can give me crap as much as you like for it, I generally expect it from telling such a tale. So afterwards I sometimes used my cats name to name characters in games to feel attached to them and enjoy playing that game, that character. With Final Fantasy i wanted to make my MMO experience work, to feel happy playing the game, so I went as far as i could to truly personalize the character from the ground up. The race was to represent my cat in a way, the color and some specific facial features also represent my cat like the white tatto design on the forehead to relate to my cats patch of white furr on his forehead. I didn't stop there though i used the old source of my nickname too, Fayt Liengod. For this case I use the characters hair style and color as a base line for that aspect. The face itself was created simply to my liking. So for the name I decided to use these two name to create a new name...'F'a'y't and U'r'i'el'...Fyrel. As for the last name that was harder to really think of a good one so I simply used the first letter of my real name and replaced it with that of Liengod for Riengod...cheesy as hell and only one other player in the game caught on to this reference. So thats my tale of how i created a name for Final Fantasy and probably a new nickname or gamer tag for games to come.

ugh didnt realize it was that long................SOOOORRRRRRYYYYY!!!!!!

┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)
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