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emo Hey, where did you get that name?

3 years 2 weeks ago #16916

Since I opted for a name change with the expansion, I feel I should give a bit of an update on the origin of my name. :)

After making the decision to fantasia from Xaela to Raen (which was what I was initially going to go with, but for some reason opted for Xaela instead; I honestly don't know why, since I prefer the pearl horns of the Raen), I wanted to actually have a canon name for my character. I've never really focused much on naming conventions in games, instead opting for whatever I like the sound of, so this is new territory for me.

I spent quite a while searching through lists of Japanese names that would fit the lore of FFXIV, jotting down a few of the ones I liked the sound of. Until I came to Tatsu. I really like the name, and when I saw its meaning (dragon), I knew it was perfect. Not only because I went dragonlady, but because I have loved dragons all my life. It was just kismet.

And with the Raen naming conventions as they are, my surname falls within the lore as well. Like I said, kismet. ;)

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3 years 2 weeks ago #16923

Oh yeah, good point. I changed Fahrenheit's last name in accordance with Xaela naming conventions.

Himaa: For reasons unknown, one out of every three pregnancies amongst the Himaa result in twins. As a result, over half the tribe's members have a doppelganger. This can prove an advantage during attacks, as it confuses the enemy into believing the dead have risen.

I love Fahrenheit and the idea that his notoriety/fabulousness/wide array of skill is partially due to twinsies.

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